For those who want to work with us, we have a membership program called Hedge Fund Advantage Private Briefing, which consists of an asset allocation service in which, once a month, members are given an allocation plan of exactly what they should be doing.  It’s a limited number of positions, so it’s not at all time consuming.  The allocation plan is also sent out via email.


There is also a live webinar delivered the first week of every month where we explain all the reasoning behind those positions and any changes to the allocation plan.  We also update members on what is going on in the world markets.  A recording of the live webinar is made available to the members promptly.  I think that this process is important because if people don’t understand what they are doing, they don’t have the motivation to stay with the program.  It’s similar to people who are trying to lose weight.  If they don’t get reinforcement, they are not going to stay with the program very long.


We are constantly educating people about what we’re doing.  We let them know what our allocation plan looks like.  We suggest how they should be positioned.  When necessary, there may be intra-month position updates that are sent out either by a text alert or by an email.  Over time, we help them set their allocation plan and they become more sophisticated consumers of financial advice by osmosis – they absorb a lot of things that have taken us a lifetime to learn.


That one hour briefing is a result of over 100 hours of research that we perform during the month.  It’s distilled down into a workable format.  It’s not gobbledygook, it’s not math, but rather something that any thinking individual can understand and relate to.


The Private Briefing webinar is also highly pictorial.  We use a lot of graphs and a lot of illustrations, and I talk it through rapid fire:


  • Here’s what is going on in the world.
  • Here are the things that look good.
  • Here are the things we’re worrying about.
  • Here is how we weigh the risks and decide what we should be doing as investors at the current time and that will, obviously, rotate and change over time.
  • All this in about an hour.


There could be times where we say we feel the market is very dangerous.  We will have a high cash position, a very low stock position, and maybe some hedges like precious metals or commodities.  There could be other times when the market’s going great guns and you want to be reasonably aggressive in your investment posture. It has nothing to do with your age.  It has nothing to do with the standard pie chart.  The pie chart of allocations is constantly changing based on macroeconomic reality, monetary policy, and risk/reward calculus.


To get you started, join our Hedge Fund Advantage Private Briefing where we study the market for you and give you an easy-to-follow plan, telling you step-by-step just how much money to put in each investment.  And, more importantly, when to get out.  It’s like your own personal recipe for success. CLICK HERE to find out more